As a private billing practice that is committed to providing a high standard of care, we cannot support the philosophy of Medicare bulk billing. We are committed to provide a practice that offers extended service to all of the practice's patients.

The practice also operates on a 'pay on the day' principle. Accordingly, this fee is heavily discounted.

In setting our fees, we take into account the time taken to thoroughly assess what are often complex sporting injuries.

Current Fees

Initial visit (1/2 hour) $170
Review visits $170 - Standard
Injection Therapies $115 +
Autologous blood injection $115 +
Iontophoresis Ask reception
Compartment Pressure testing Ask reception
Radial Shock Wave Therapy $115 per treatment - series of 3
Diagnostic Ultrasound $95


Our practice operates on an appointment system. Our reception staff will be able to discuss your requirements and offer the most suitable appointment available.

Sports injuries can be complex and we provide a 1/2 hour initial appointment for all sports medicine, second opinion, chronic back pain and similar problems. We are not prepared to compromise the service by overbooking. This sometimes means that there may be a delay in getting an appointment.

We try very hard to stay on time and try to keep any delays to a bare minimum. In return, we would be very grateful if patients could arrive on time or a little early, so that patients appointed after you are not inconvenienced by avoidable delays.

Follow up appointments should be booked to follow up on results, treatments, advice or discussion. Our Doctor's schedules does not allow for telephone consultations.

We appreciate advance warning of your inability to attend for your appointment. This allows us to use this appointment for people on our cancellation waiting list.

All appointments are made by telephoning 08 97916999.


It is our belief that correct treatment requires an accurate diagnosis. The commencement of treatment to an injury without knowing the diagnosis goes against our ideals.

Muti-disciplined approach

To enable the best form of treatment available, we utilise the services of a wide variety of like-minded health professionals with a special interest in sports medicine.


It is vitally important that you are actively involved in the decision making about your own care.


We certainly try to do nothing to people that would cause harm. Whilst some treatments will have inherent risks, there are other treatments where the risk is unacceptable.