Useful Links

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

ASADA is the testing body for sports drug testing in Australia. This site contains a great deal of information for athletes, coaches and doctors dealing with athletes.

Australian Sports Commission

This is the Federal Government site and incorporates information concerning the Sports Commission, the Australian Institute of Sport as well as other information.

Department of Sport and Recreation

The Department of Sport and Recreation is the lead agency responsible for the implementation of government policy and initiatives in sport and recreation. A key role of the department is to contribute to the healthy lifestyle of Western Australians by increasing physical activity in the community through sport and recreation.

Medical Board Of WA

The principal aim of the Medical Board is to ensure that the people of Western Australia receive the highest possible standard of medical care through the fair and effective administration of the Medical Act. Should a member of the public wish to lodge a complaint about a medical practitioner, information on the complaints process and applicable form can be obtained from this site.

Office Of Health Review

The Office of Health Review is a State Government body that provides a readily accessible means of having complaints about health and disability services reviewed. Whilst we hope this is not necessary, it is a useful resource.

Sports Medicine Australia

Sports Medicine Australia is Australia's peak national umbrella body for sports medicine and sports science, and is widely acknowledged overseas as the world's leading multi-disciplinary sports medicine body. This is a very useful site for information about policy and information.


It is our belief that correct treatment requires an accurate diagnosis. The commencement of treatment to an injury without knowing the diagnosis goes against our ideals.

Muti-disciplined approach

To enable the best form of treatment available, we utilise the services of a wide variety of like-minded health professionals with a special interest in sports medicine.


It is vitally important that you are actively involved in the decision making about your own care.


We certainly try to do nothing to people that would cause harm. Whilst some treatments will have inherent risks, there are other treatments where the risk is unacceptable.