Compartment Pressure Testing

We are very pleased to be able to provide this specialised service. This test measures the pressure inside individual muscles and is used to diagnose or exclude compartment syndromes. We provide the only pressure testing service outside of Perth.

Some people develop a high pressure in some muscles when they exercise. This causes intense pain. This almost always requires surgery to correct it. A definite diagnosis is required before surgery can be contemplated and this requires measuring the pressure inside the muscle.The pressure inside a muscle is measured by a device called a compartment pressure testing machine. This sensitive device uses a small needle which is inserted into the muscle to gain an accurate measure of the pressure. This measurement needs to be done at rest and then repeated after exercise.

It is very important that the person having the test is able to reproduce their pain with exercise or the test will be a waste of time. Therefore, the person must maintain a training program so that going for a run will cause pain on the day of the test.

This test is time consuming and requires good preparation. Please inform our reception staff if this is what you have been referred to us for.




It is our belief that correct treatment requires an accurate diagnosis. The commencement of treatment to an injury without knowing the diagnosis goes against our ideals.

Muti-disciplined approach

To enable the best form of treatment available, we utilise the services of a wide variety of like-minded health professionals with a special interest in sports medicine.


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We certainly try to do nothing to people that would cause harm. Whilst some treatments will have inherent risks, there are other treatments where the risk is unacceptable.