Sports Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an integral part of sports medicine, providing excellent management of many soft tissue problems.

At Synergy Sports Medicine, we provide a wide variety of massage therapy techniques from our fully qualified massage therapists.

Our massage therapists can assess soft tissue injuries and apply a variety of forms of therapy to suit your needs. Options include:

  • Sports massage
  • Pre and post event massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Relaxation massage

We are also able to provide the benefits of trigger point therapy with Radial Shock Wave Therapy

What can you expect from Massage?

Sports Massage
Post event massage eases muscle tightness, spasm and helps prevent cramp. It also clears Lactic acid more quickly, aiding in recovery.

Therapeutic massage
Massage therapy is helpful in reducing muscle stiffness, thus increasing range of movement and reducing stiffness.
Massage is an integral part of the proper management of muscle tears and sprains. Improved blood flow, reduction of muscle spasm and prevention of abnormal scar tissue development.

Deep Tissue Massage
This form of therapy can be extremely useful in treating deep muscle tendon injuries. It is also very useful in the treatment of compartment syndrome.

Trigger Point Therapy
Proper management of muscle trigger points is essential in the long term management of many chronically painful conditions.
In selected people, the addition of Radial Shock Wave Therapy to the trigger point can have very effective and lasting value in these conditions.

Relaxation massage
Of course, massage is widely used for the management of muscular tension, providing a relaxing environment to enhance the management of stress.
This form of massage is ideally suited to the management of stiff and sore shoulders and necks as well tension headaches.


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